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Aluminium Tapered Tube Plugs For Heat Exchanger

Solitaire overseas is a One Of The Leading exporter, supplier, stockist and manufacturer of Aluminium Tapered Tube Plugs which are used in heat exchangers, condensers, boilers, coolers, etc. We Offer  Tapered Aluminium Tube Plugs of different sizes and materials For Tubes Having Od Of 1/4″ Up to 4”. We Can Even Offer Customised Sizes As Per Client’s Requirement

We have a ready stock of a wide variety tapered aluminium plug to cater your huge requirement.solitaire overseas is known for providing high-quality Aluminium tapered plugs and for its quick and timely delivery. We export and supply tapered aluminium plugs all over the world.

We have been a leading and the most trusted company providing high-quality tapered Aluminium plugs for heat exchangers, coolers, condensers, etc for decades.

Tantalum Tapered Tube Plugs Exporter, Supplier, Stockist & Manufacturer

Aluminium Tapered Tube Plugs For S083 Tubes, S086 Tubes, 6061 Tubes, 6063 Tubes & 7075 Tubes.

Aluminium Tapered Tube Plugs For Heat Exchangers Are Used To Seal The Leaking Tubes In Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Boilers,  Coolers, S083 Aluminium Tubes, S086 Aluminium Tubes, 6061 Aluminium Tubes, 6063 Aluminium Tubes & 7075 Tantalum TubesEtc. Aluminium Tapered Tube Plugs Offers Low-Cost Maintenance And Fastest Method To Seal The Leaking Tubes. The Uniform Taper And The Smooth Surface Finish Assure Positive Sealing With Minimum Installation Force.

Grades For Aluminium Tapered Tube Plugs

   1 – S083 Tapered Aluminium Tube Plugs

  2 – S086 Aluminium Tapered Tube Plugs

   3 – 6061 Tapered Aluminium Plugs

   4 – 6063 Aluminium Tapered Tube Plugs

   5 – 7075 Aluminium Tapered Tube Plugs

Uses Of Aluminium Tapered Tube Plugs

Aluminium Tapered Tube Plugs Are Used In Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Boilers,  Coolers, Aluminium S083 Tubes, Aluminium S086 Tubes, Aluminium 6061 Tubes, Aluminium 6063 Tubes & Aluminium 7075 Tubes Etc. Aluminium Plugs Are cost-effective, easy to process and has wide availability.Aluminium tapered plugs have good mechanical properties which makes is important for industry to use. Aluminium tube plugs have properties such as toughness, hardness, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, strength, etc

Exporters Of Heat Exchanger Aluminium Tapered Tube Plugs


Materials / Types Of Metal Tapered Plugs For Heat Exchangers

Dimensions For Tapered Aluminium Plugs

We Offer Heat Exchanger Aluminium Tapered Plugs of different sizes and materials For Tubes Having Od Of 1/4″ Up to 4”. We Can Even Offer Customised Sizes For Aluminium Tapered Tube Plugs As Per Client’s Requirement

Aluminium Metal Tapered Plugs – Tube Plug Sizing Chart
Tube OD Gauge Dimension (Inches)
Small End
Large End
1/4″ 18-24 0.141″ 0.235″ 1-1/4″
3/8″ 12-24
3/8″ 15-24 0.213″ 0.371″ 1-3/4″
1/2″ 13-15
1/2″ 15-24 0.337″ 0.495″
5/8″ 12-14
5/8″ 14-24 0.449″ 0.625″
3/4″ 10-14
3/4″ 14-24 0.564″ 0.750″
7/8″ 10-13
1″ 8-9
7/8″ 15-24 0.706″ 0.875″
1″ 10-15
1″ 13-18 0.776″ 0.934″
1″ 18-24 0.892″ 1.050″
1-1/8″ 13-17
1-1/8″ 15-24 0.949″ 1.125″ 2″
1-1/4″ 10-14
1-1/4″ 13-19 1.010″ 1.186″
1-1/4″ 19-24 1.147″ 1.323″
1-1/2″ 10-24 1.200″ 1.495″ 3″
1-1/2″ 14-24 1.305″ 1.600″
1-3/4″ 6-13
1-3/4″ 14-22 1.575″ 1.870″
2″ 6-13
2″ 12-22 1.700″ 1.995″
2-1/4″ 6-13 1.805″ 2.100″
2-1/2″ 5-18 2.000″ 2.375″
2-3/4″ 4-10 2.232″ 2.500″
3″ 5-12 2.524″ 2.834″ 4″
3″ 10-23 2.625″ 3.000″
3-1/4″ 7-14 2.875″ 3.125″
3-1/4″ 13-23 3.010″ 3.250″
3-1/2″ 7-12 3.125″ 3.375″
3-1/2″ 13-23 3.260″ 3.500″
3-3/4″ 5-12 3.274″ 3.567″
3-3/4″ 13-23 3.510″ 3.750″
4″ 5-12 3.524″ 3.817″
4″ 13-23 3.782″ 4.000″

Aluminium Tapered Tube Plugs With Customised Sizes

We Offer Aluminium Tube Plugs of different sizes and materials For Tubes Having Od Of 1/4″ Up to 4”. We Can Even Offer Customised Sizes As Per Client’s Requirement

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What Is A Heat Exchanger ?

To Transfer Heat Between two Fluids Or Solid Object And Fluids We use a device which is known as a heat exchanger. it transfers heat from one matter to another . heat exchangers are widely used in industries, plants and refineries , power stations, treatment of sewage, petrochemical and chemical plants etc. it also finds it use for air conditioning and refrigeration purpose. There are many types of heat exchangers like tube and shell, plate and shell , plate heat exchangers, plate fin, fluid heat exchangers, direct contact heat exchangers , etc.

Heat exchangers are found in car radiator , air conditioners, coolers, refrigerators, power supplies, lasers, and many other equipment

Why Are Aluminium Tapered Plugs Used In Heat Exchangers?

Aluminium Tapered Plugs For Heat Exchangers Are Used To Seal The Leaking Tubes In Heat Exchangers, Condensers,  Boilers,  Coolers, Etc. Aluminium Tapered Tube plugs are used extensively in heat exchangers.Aluminium tube plugs are used for repairing or fixing leaks heat exchangers. Aluminium tapered plugs offer low-cost maintenance and are highly efficient, they offer the fastest way to fix leaks in heat exchangers. We have wide variety of tapered aluminium plugs. We are one of the leading exporters, suppliers, and stockists of tapered aluminium plugs in united states of america. Having a stock of more than 10000 tapered plugs, we can deliver a huge quantity of  Aluminium tapered tube plugs as and when required. we have a production capacity of more Than 10000  Tapered Aluminium Plugs a day, so that we can cater to your large requirements. We have a ready stock of tapered plugs of different materials like Alloy steel tapered plugs, stainless steel tapered plugs, titanium tapered plugs, alloy steel tapered plug, inconel tapered plugs, monel tapered plugs, Aluminium, hastelloy , copper and copper alloys, nickel and nickel alloys tapered plugs,  copper-nickel tapered plugs, etc. available in different sizes.with a ready stock of tantalum tube plugs and huge production capacity, we provide the fastest delivery and quality product to our customers. We even cater to small requirements of our customers. Our tapered plugs are exported all over the world to many industries.

Why Choose Solitaire Overseas For Buying Aluminium Tube Plugs?

  • Huge Stock Of Tapered Aluminium Plugs Available In Different Sizes And Materials To Cater Your Requirements
  • Huge Aluminium Tapered Plugs Production Capacity
  • Offers Customised Sizes Of Aluminium Tube Plugs As Per Client’s Requirement
  • One Of The Leading Exporter, Supplier, Manufacturer And Stockist Of Aluminium Tapered Plugs
  • Solitaire Overseas Is Known For Its Fastest Delivery Of High-Quality Tantalum Tapered Plugs
  • High-Quality Aluminium Tube Plugs Supplier In USA, UK, India & Australia
  • Can Supply Heat Exchanger Aluminium Tapered Plugs To Any Part Of The World

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